Have you been feeling sore? Do you often wish that you could trade your body in for a new one? Massage is often the solution that allows you to restore your body and breathe new life into it. Stress and a variety of other factors can tighten muscles and leave your body with all sorts of aches and pains. 

My name is Justin Brown and I’m a licensed massage therapist in Austin, Texas. I love what I do and want to assist you with my services. I offer an array of massage techniques that can help your body feel considerably better.

The easiest way to schedule an appointment is to call at 512-590-5601. I look forward to scheduling a consult where we can discuss all of your aches and pains and where I can provide a massage that will help them all go away.

Massage and body work can be performed so you feel healthier and can gain more mobility. I love what I do and I hope by the end of our first session together, you will love what I do, too. Patients often tell me “that was the best massage ever” and that provides me with great pride.

Experience a massage from me for yourself and treat yourself to a level of health that you have been denying yourself for far too long.

Peace and blessings,          

Justin Brown, LMT           

TXMT #106449

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